Easy Payment Plans

At Bratha we have two easy payment plans where customers can pay for their orders placed.
The first Easy Payment plan is JPesa. This is an online Payment platform that lets you send or receive money, shop and make online payments or get paid from almost anywhere is in the world. JPesa is risk-free. JPesa has MTNMobileMoney, AirtelMoney, M-PESA, VISA, and MasterCard Money transfer services.

How JPesa Works

After your selecting Jpesa as an Easy Payment Option ,the following page will be displayed .

If you already have an account with JPesa,just login and money will be deducted from Mobile Money Account after your authenticity.

Else you will click on signup and then fill up the fields to create your JPesa Account.


The second easy payment plan is Cash on Delivery where the customers pay for the goods when they are delivered to their destination. Customers give their full addresses and contacts.

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