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Get yourself started by creating your Vendor Account on and reach millions of potential customers in just a few clicks or physically visit us at our head office located at Mbarara Star shopping Arcade Room 14B.

Step 1. Start by accessing the website and click the Login/Register link at the bottom of the page to start creating your vendor account in a few steps and the following will be displayed.

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Follow this link Signup a vendor Account

Get yourself started by creating your Seller Account on Bratha and reach millions of potential customers in a few clicks.

Step 2.Select register as a vendor “I am a Vendor and then fill in the fields to continue to register.

Step 3. Enter your Personal and/or Business related Contact Information and click “ Register“on the Bottom .

Filled Vendor Registration Form

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Finally, a vendor can upload products and these products can be advertised and sold to us.

“shop smart, live Smart”

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